I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a major in psychology and a minor in social work. As an undergraduate student, I volunteered at the Rape Crisis Center as a Victims' Advocate. That is when I knew I wanted to spend my life helping people heal and grow. After graduating from Miami, I went straight on to graduate school to obtain my Master's Degree in Social Work at Loyola University Chicago. Throughout graduate school, my internships led me to work with young children and become skilled in play therapy. Post graduating, I spent years working in agency settings with children, teens, and adults who were struggling with an array of difficulties. I find helping people to be highly rewarding and I cannot imagine having any other career. 

 Dasi Ginnis, LCSW -  3139 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60657 -  773.243.9421 - DasiGinnis@gmail.com