"As a second year graduate student/intern in the field of social work, I had the most glorious and unforgettable learning experience while working as a therapist under Dasi Ginnis’s tutelage.  It is without a second’s hesitation that I would recommend Dasi as a guide and confidante in regards to you or your child’s personal journey of self-exploration/healing. I am assured she will tailor your journey to you or your child’s needs.  The level of competency, integrity, connection and ultimate compassion that Dasi brings to her work as a therapist is constantly present. She is a true gift to this helping profession."

~ Kathleen M. Dunn, MSW

"Dasi is a child's dream come true. Kids light up when they see her and look forward to their next visit. Sessions are non-threatening and feel more like a time to play with one-on-one undivided attention. Dasi is able to appreciate a child's point of view and work with parents to help them understand why a child says/acts the way he or she does and how to have a better relationship with the child. Dasi supports the parent(s) as much as she supports the child. Being able to work with both adults and children as effectively as Dasi does is truly a talent, and I recommend that anyone who is considering counseling to give her a call. Dasi has a lot to offer you."

- Katie Gilbert, LCSW


Dasi Ginnis, LCSW -  3139 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60657 -  773.243.9421 - DasiGinnis@gmail.com